Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu”, the message of universal brotherhood cannot be expressed more clearly than through these Sanskrit words. It needs a long vision and a lot of perseverance to see the world as one and the people of the world as brethren and wish them all good will. It is out of this Indian spirit that Indian Association Sharjah was established in 1979 with the set objectives of promoting Indo-Arab friendship, providing educational and socio-cultural facilities for the children of the Indians in the area, providing charity activities and help to those community members in distress. Like any other organization, Indian Association Sharjah also had a humble beginning. Every one viewed it with his own reservations and did not show much interest to be members in it. Now the Association is much sought after by thousands of Indians for Social, Cultural, Educational, Recreational and Relief activities.


Sharjah Indian School.


Education of the children of the expatriate Indians in the Gulf was not very easy in late seventies and eighties. With the inflow of more and more expatriates to the Gulf and as a good number of them preferred to bring their families overseas to live with them, educating their children became a serious problem for them. Indian Association Sharjah did not hesitate to answer their call instantly.


Sharjah Indian School was started in a small rented villa with very few students and staff to cater to the needs of the educational requirements of the children of the expatriate Community in the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaima and Um Al Quwain. The school was later shifted to the present campus, the land of which was kindly donated by His Highness Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qassimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah.


New Sharjah Indian School in Juwaiza.

The current campus of Sharjah Indian School is saturated and cannot cater to the needs of the Indian Children approaching us for admission year after year. In order to fulfill our commitment to the Community, Indian Association Sharjah has requested H.H. The Ruler of Sharjah for a plot of land for construction of new school and we were allotted a plot of land in Juwaiza. The construction of the new school is almost completed.  Admission will commence on 2017-2018 academic year.




Gulf Rose Nursery, owned and managed by Indian Association Sharjah has nearly 500 students in the roll. The demand of admission is on the rise in our nursery school as well.


Indian Association Sharjah has also plans to start a new school for the differently talented children in the region. The work in this direction is in progress and we believe it will be opened shortly providing great relief to the specially abled children and their parents.


Why Sharjah Indian School.


World Class Quality Education at the most affordable cost is the motto of Sharjah Indian School. In no other school in the area will you find a school with such lower fees rates providing quality education and the most modern means of infrastructure.  Our faculties are compatible to that of any other school in the Gulf.  They are trained in the most modern techniques of education and our school has been producing the best results in CBSE Examinations year after year.


Recreational Activities


For a people who are working away from the home land and the dear and near ones, sleeping in the labour camps, following the unchanging routine in the work field for years together, recreation is essential. Indian Association Sharjah has built a Community Hall with this objective. The Association has become the centre of all recreational activities of the Indian Community in Sharjah and the nearby emirates for their relaxation and entertainment. Though the venue was a rented facility initially, His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah was very kind and compassionate towards the Indian Community in Sharjah to allot us land for the construction of our Community Hall. It is with this kindness that Indian Association Sharjah has got the face lift to the present Office Complex and the Community Hall of the present day, from the old rented villa near Rolla, Sharjah.


The Shuttle Badminton Club and the Health Club of IAS provide a lot of opportunities for the Health care of community members. Periodical medical camps conducted by IAS and the activities of IAS Health Committee provide a lot of opportunities for the Health care of Indian Community members.


Recognition by NORKA


Indian Association Sharjah has been recognized by NORKA as one of its overseas centres. Efforts are underway to establish a full-fledged office of NORKA in our campus and to start operations.


Distance Education project of the Government of Kerala


Indian Association Sharjah is one of the nodal centres selected by the Government of Kerala Education Department for the Class 10 and 12 Equivalency Examination conducted by the Kerala State Saksharatha Mission.


Social and Community commitments.


Indian Association Sharjah did not hesitate to take up responsibilities.  We found patronage in the Embassy of India at Abu Dhabi and the Consulate General of India Dubai to let us go more deep into the Indian Community by taking up their problems connected with renewal of passports, attestation services and the like. Slowly we became part and parcel of the Indian Community in Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. Whenever they need help our community members began to turn to us. We became integral part of the hope of the people when mishaps like deaths, loss of employment, deprivation etc. befell them.


The Amnesty declared by the Govt. of UAE is a point to mention. Hundreds of poor workers were served at Indian Association Sharjah in their effort to get Emergency Certificates and in Immigration Clearance etc. The Govt. of Sharjah, thanks to the magnanimity of the Great Ruler, has opened an immigration Clearance Centre at Indian Association Sharjah, where they have introduced facilities like Eye test, Finger printing etc.

In coordination with Consulate General of India, Dubai and under their guidance our coordinator visits jails and hospitals and offers help to many needy Indians, including free air tickets for the repatriation of the inmates. Many people in distress have been offered financial and other types of help by the Association. IAS also extends its helping hand to those who are in distress by losing jobs, involving in cases of various sorts, having financial problems of various sorts and also in promoting health and education of individuals and groups in India. 


Indian Association Sharjah has often joined hands with the Consulate General of India in celebrating India Day, Constitution Day and the like.

Indian Association Sharjah celebrates all important festivals like, Eid, Onam and Christmas in addition to the National festivals of India like Independence Day, Republic Day and the National Day of UAE. This is a unique opportunity that Indian Community members in UAE are getting to get together in a secular atmosphere of brotherhood to promote unity, love, respect and integrity of our countrymen.


Sharjah Crematorium.

H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qassimi, Supreme Council member and Ruler of Sharjah has been kind and considerate enough to provide us land for the construction of a Crematorium for cremation of the Hindu/Sikh community members enabling the rites to be conducted in a clean and serene atmosphere and giving a hon’ble send off to the soul of the deceased as per custom. This facility is now enjoyed by people of other nationalities in UAE also.

Indian Association Sharjah has become a centre to address all the different issues connected with the personal, community and social life of the Indian Community in Sharjah and the whole of UAE. The number of community members availing the facilities of the Association are many. We take inspiration in our service to the Indian Community. Let us all join hands together and work together for providing all support to the members of the community. 



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Our Mission and Vision

The mission of IAS is to work for the social, educational and economic welfare and advancement of Indian Nationals in the United Arab Emirates.  Indian Association Sharjah has been dedicating itself to the service of the community members providing them all possible assistance within our reach.  We have sought the help, assistance and support of the Consulate General of India, Dubai for providing other services which the Association cannot directly provide.  The Association tries its best to  improve the social life of the community members by conducting various programmes in which they can directly involve and contribute.

Educational facility for the children of the community members is ensured through our institutions, Sharjah Indian School and Gulf Rose Nursery.  Quality Education is being providing at the lowest fee rates through our institution.  All modern amenities of learning are introduced. The best available faculty, modern infrastructure, best transport facility at very reasonable rates, well equipped labs, well set libraries, best nursery tools for our kids etc. are features of our institutions.

Providing more educational facilities and expanding the level of education has been planned already.  Association has already started to introduce University level education after plus 2 and the procedures are underway for starting an external centre of the University of Kerala under Indian Association Sharjah.  As part of the infrastructure development, a new site for a new school is being finalized and the preparatory steps have been taken to start the same.

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   Our Patron

Mr. Ahmed Mohamad Hamad Al Midfa, the former  Chairman of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Expo  Centre Sharjah and Board Member of the UAE Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Held the position of Director of the Bureau of HH the Ruler of Sharjah, Director General of Sharjah Ports and  Customs Department, and of Second Deputy former Chairman of the Federal National Council. 

 He was Vice President of the Arab Federation of Leather Industry and former Chairman of the newly formed International  Association of Exposition Management (IAEM) Arabian Gulf Chapter.

Member in the Arab side of the Board of the Joint Portuguese-Arab Chamber of Commerce, the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce, the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, and the Italian-Arab Chamber of Commerce.Also First    Vice President of the Board Member of German-Arab Chamber of Commerce.

Member in the Egyptian-UAE, the Tunisian-UAE, and Oman-UAE Business Councils. And former Co-Chairman of the Joint UAE-Germany Business Council.

Served as Board Member of the University of Sharjah 1999 and of the UAE General Authority of Youth & Sports Welfare.

Businessman with private investment in Real Estate, Industry, Shares, and Advertising.

We have all the blessings and support of our Hon’ble Patron Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Hamad Al Midfa for which we are deeply indebted and grateful. It is his patronage that gives us the necessary motivation and confidence to march ahead    bravely along the path of service to the poor and the needy.

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