Message From The President

Indian Association Sharjah is in the 38th year of its establishment. We have traversed a long path in community service during this period. Thousands of community members have availed the fruits of the service of Indian Association Sharjah over the years. It gives us great pleasure to note that all the Managing Committees which were selected by the members to run the affairs of the Association have spent their time and energy to ensure the welfare of the community to a large extent.

Indian Association Sharjah members’ welfare is given top priority by the Association always. Their health, social and community issues are always in the first priority of the Association Management. Medical Insurance, Health facilities, Distress relief activities etc. are on the primary list of the Association.

Community issues are also of great importance to us. The Association closely liaises with the Consulate General of India Dubai, the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi, with the State Governments of India and the Government of India to redress the grievances of our beloved community members. Wherever support from the local government departments of UAE are needed, Association readily intervenes and brings help and assistance.

On the top priority list of the Association, education of the Indian children takes a leading space. Our intention to provide quality education and very reasonable rates to the average parents is known to everyone. That is why we see the rush of applications for admission to Sharjah Indian School every year. Our commitment to the community is the main driving force behind the construction of new Sharjah Indian School in Juwaiza. Lower fees does not in any way provoke us to make any type of compromise on the infrastructure facilities or faculties. Today Sharjah Indian School stands as the pride of Indian Association Sharjah in providing world class infrastructure and academics.

The construction of Sharjah Crematorium for the Hindu/Sikh community is another feather in the crown of IAS in social service. Our efforts to start an embalming centre in one of the hospitals in Sharjah is close to yielding positive results.

The Association has been doing everything possible to promote Art, Literature and Culture. The number of renowned artists visiting, attending various programmes and performing at Indian Association Sharjah has been registering a shooting hike in the graph. Our efforts to provide entertainment to the Community is finding results. International Film festival, Chat with great writers, Workshops on drama and poetry and being with poets are a few to mention.

Indian Association Sharjah has become a focal point for all Indian expatriates in UAE to look for assistance, support, entertainment and relaxation. It is the hard work of a dedicated group Office Bearers, Managing Committee members and staff that make everything possible. The tremendous support our beloved members give us is the driving force behind our success story.

I take this opportunity to extend greetings of the season and wish good will and happiness to one and all.

 Thank you, Jai Hind.




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Message From The General Secretary

Unity in diversity is the most versatile and important feature of India. Different languages. Different cultures, different traditions, different religions, but the feeling of Indianness binds them all together. We all are proud to state that we are the citizens of our great motherland, India. We have different occasions of national importance and different religious festivals. Independence Day of India, Republic Day of India, Martyrs’ Day and festivals like, Eid, Christmas, Onam, Holi etc. are a few to name. The Indian diaspora in U.A.E. are also versatile. Hailing from different parts of India, they keep all the diversities of India. They have their small family groups, village groups, city groups, district groups, state groups, language groups and so on. But Indian Association Sharjah provides them a common platform. A common place to get together, share their common feelings, enjoy the common festivals together and rejoice.

In addition to sharing their happiness together, Indian Association Sharjah is a solace to their problems and worries too. A panacea for their problems. The help and assistance the community members get at Indian Association Sharjah are many. They turn to get the facilities of attestation of their documents with the Indian Consulate authorities, for renewal of their passports through the BLS agency counter working at Indian Association Sharjah premises, for booking air tickets through the travel agency working in our premises and availing facilities such as the Badminton Club and Health Club.

Sharjah Indian School, owned and managed by Indian Association Sharjah caters to the educational needs of nearly nine thousand students at present. Our new Sharjah Indian School which is expected to be commissioned in the new Academic Year 2017-2018 can accommodate an additional four thousand children. The Gulf Rose Nursery of the Association provides facilities for the play-school facilities of nearly four hundred children. Sharjah Indian School is the only community School in Sharjah which provides world class education at the most affordable fees in the CBSE system of education in Sharjah.

The Community Hall and Conference Hall of IAS are the meeting places of different types of modern and traditional art forms of India. The patronage the Association provides to Literature, Culture and Arts is unparalleled in UAE. The visitors to these venues are artists in different fields from different parts of India such as Poets, Novelists, Short story writers, Film directors, Film makers etc. etc.  . Officials and VIPs from India also visit our facility so often. The support and guidance we receive from the Local authorities and the Consulate General of India are boundless.

Indian Association Sharjah has been successful in constructing a crematorium for the Hindu/Sikh communities in Sharjah, with the support of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council member and Ruler of Sharjah. This facility is now used by citizens of all nationalities for cremating the mortal remains of their dear dead ones.

We have also requested for an embalming facility in one of the hospitals in Sharjah to avoid the difficulties of carrying the bodies to the facility in Dubai. We are hopeful that it will be materialized in the near future.

Indian Association Sharjah is in its efforts to boost the friendship between India and UAE. We are in constant touch with the Local Departments who support us whole-heartedly in our service to the community. His Highness the Ruler has been very compassionate to us and has been providing the kind patronage.

All these are the result of the profound support we get from the beloved members of the Association and the members of the Community since the inception of the Association in 1979. We are thankful for the same and expect your continued support and cooperation.

With Regards

Yours Sincerely 




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Message From The Treasurer

Financial discipline is the force behind the success of any establishment. Indian Association Sharjah is no exception to this. Established in 1979 with very few members and no capital, the Association has run through very difficult situations. But money does not matter much in front of strong will and the determination to succeed. The commitment and dedication of a very strong group of sincere men led the Association from progress to progress.

Transparency breeds confidence. Confidence and trust attract volunteers to contribute generously. Indian Association Sharjah Management has been carrying out all the financial dealings of the Association through transparency. All the accounts are subjected to internal and external auditing yearly and the Audit Report is being published regularly. This transparency is the secret behind the success of the Association in all financial matters. Strict financial discipline is brought in all transactions and convincing statements are put to verification.

There is no other agency or organization in UAE or the whole of Gulf which is committed to the charity services comparable to Indian Association Sharjah. The service and monetary help extended to thousands of community members stand proof of our contribution in this area. It varies from providing food, accommodation, monetary assistance, free air tickets to home country, support in getting clearance from the local authorities etc. etc.

Our infrastructural facilities to provide smart classrooms, convenient transportation and most qualified faculty is indeed a social commitment. The income received from the various sources is utilized to give maximum support to education and the welfare of the community. Our esteemed members give us the support and strength in all our activities.

Thank you.



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